How do I schedule my free class?

You must create an account with us and email or call to get your free class added to your account.

What do I need for class?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and water bottle if desired (water cups provided in class).

Do I need shoes/socks?

No shoes necessary but we are a sock only studio. Grip sock recommended to avoid slipping. We sell socks in our studio $16 plus tax.

What if I am recovering from injury or have a limitation?

All of our classes offer modifications for injuries or limitations. We recommend beginner class if you are recovering from an injury.

Can I start pilates if I am pregnant?

Yes, pilates is not only safe but great way to exercise and prepare for childbirth. Always check with your physician and let your instructor know.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 12-hour advance notice to cancel Classes or Private Sessions. In the event of a late cancellation or no-show, the class or private session is forfeited and deducted from your current package or membership.