About Us

At The Pilates Circle, we encourage and train all individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals through classical and contemporary Pilates exercises to bring benefit to their daily lives. Our trainers are all certified with diverse backgrounds to bring new and different elements to your workout. We use the Pilates Reformer in every class, which offers all of the famous benefits of Pilates, including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

What is the Pilates Reformer?

What is the Pilates Reformer? Invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a bed-like frame called the carriage. Carriage has wheels which allows it to move forward and back and is attached by a set of springs that offers different levels of resistance. The reformer has an adjustable footbar that can be used both for hands and feet and hand/foot straps attached to the top end of the frame. One of the best things of the reformer is it’s versatility. You can use it laying back, standing, sitting, etc. and the exercises that can be done are endless.

Who can do Reformer Pilates?

Who can do Reformer Pilates? Anyone and everyone! There are many, many exercises, including those first-time beginners to advanced practioners. Wether you are looking for relief of pain associated with physical imbalances, such as back pain or training for a marathon, Pilates is sure to help. We couple several of our classes with varied apparatus, such as TRX, Barre, EXO chair that target specific muscle group and challenge your overall full body workout.